Take And Give – Time

Take time to train your kids on “grown-up” tasks. It builds their sense of independence. When you see them not behaving properly in a public place like a party or a restaurant, don’t go around bossing them immediately. Try to give some time for them to learn them. 

Discover one task in a week that your child could do with some training or help from you. Now let us break them into several smaller steps, so that they know how it is done.

After you have trained him in doing it perfectly, assign it as ‘his/her job.’ These tasks might look simple to you, but they help your kid to develop a sense of confidence.

 For example, you can teach your younger ones on how to clean up their play area and put dirty clothes in the hamper or help clear the dinner table and make their beds.

Now that you have trained them doing a certain job, don’t rush them in getting things done in one or two days. Of course, he/she is not going to show a stellar result. They are just budding, give them some time. While they are trying to fix their mistakes, let your little one know that you appreciate his/her hard work — and encourage him/her to keep trying. Childhood is a crucial time and the precursor to adolescence, so parents should praise even the smallest accomplishments at first — to advance them on the path to self-reliance.

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