Zestful Holidays for Growing Children!!!

Holidays symbolized joy, fun, and frolic. It should continue to and perhaps it does continue to. But in the recent past, the definition of joy and fun has changed. Parents and the children are attached more towards their electronic devices than with each other. A few years back, a child spent the most time with their parents, friends and extended family.

Parents today drop off the child at a relative’s place or take them to the mall for movies and food, give their children expensive gifts or take them on several trips outside giving them every detail, not letting a tinge of a surprise for the child.

As parents, we often tend to do this because we are unable to spend much time as expected with the kids or we tend to give things we never had when we were young.

It is a fact that the first 7 years of a child’s life is the most important. That is the time when the subconscious mind of an infant is programmed. The child copies and observes their surroundings. This is a crucial time where we as parents need to pay attention to. Your toddler doesn’t need an iPad or an iPhone. They want to spend some time with you. They want you to listen to their problems, ideas, stories, share their happiness, etc. And most important is that they want you to listen and pay attention to them.

Your child doesn’t want to go to the mall or on a road trip every holiday, all she wants is your attention and time. This way you understand them better and don’t need to coax them on every tantrum they throw or work on a barter basis with your own child.

Here are a few ideas on how to spend an active holiday with your champ:

1. Play Catch Up

Use the holidays to play catch up with your child. Talk to them, sing songs, read books to them, involve them in minimal cooking and days wouldn’t be sufficient.

2. Make a holiday a no phone day

We are controlled by phones and social media more than you can imagine. Give it a break together. Go to the good old days and play board games, hide and seek and be a kid with your kid.

3.Holiday Time = Bond Time

Slowly make holidays a bonding time. Use holidays to talk to your child about their school, friends, subjects and let them speak their heart out. It is essential they know you will be there with them through thick and thin and will listen.

4. Surprise and Explore

When you take your child out on holidays, make sure you don’t tell them every tiny detail of the trip. Let them explore, run, chase the wind, fall, get up and play. Let uncertainty and disappointment in their lives.

Buying everything, and being bullied by your child isn’t a happy childhood. You being there and teaching and knowing the right and wrong is a happy childhood.

Happy holidays also make a happy childhood. Are you working towards a happy childhood of your child?

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