Cool Kids Use Gadgets – In a More Different Way!

From Pokémon to the coolest Avenger Ironman, everybody has fancy gadgets nowadays. To be in this 21st century without a gadget, at least a Smartphone would be a disastrous idea. It would be awesome if we have gadgets like Ironman or like Ben 10.

That is so cool, right?

In mobile, games like mine craft, the clash of clans, dragon city and many more are the coolest stuff to play. Of course, your mom or dad doesn’t understand the excitements behind it. They simply push you to extreme and ground you for using them.

Are they wrong?

I can hear you guys shouting YESSS!

Well, we should teach them, how fun it is to play games in mobile or watch dragon series in a laptop. But before that, we shall see, what Pokémon, Ben 10 and the Avengers are saying about the gadgets.

Why your superheroes use gadgets?

All the superheroes own a gadget and use them then and there effectively.  But you should know that they don’t use the gadgets to play games, instead, they use it to save lives and make the world a better place.

Have you seen anytime Pokémon hero Ash using mobile to play games like mine craft? He doesn’t use because he wants to become a hero and be the coolest kid. Don’t you want to become awesome like him?

All the Avengers, especially Spiderman – the one who has never used an electronic gadget, are out there turning into a superhero because they are not watching cartoon series in a laptop or playing games in mobile. Don’t you want to be a cool kid like them?

How to become awesome?

I am not going to say don’t use gadgets. Instead, I am going to show the ways how you can be the good kid to your parents while using the gadgets.  I understand that it is hard to avoid yourself from gadgets when the whole world around you is using one. If you had someone to solve puzzles with you, you would never use mobile to play clash of clans.  Yeah right? Okay, let us see simple ways of turning into an awesome one.

*Set yourself time in using them, either if it is going to be playing in them or watching your favorite cartoon series. Play for only the time you set yourself and turn off them once when you reach your time limit.

*Always be careful with the electronic shocks that might occur through mobile. Using a specific gadget for a very long time can make the gadget to burst. Do you want your mobile or laptop to burst like a cracker? Of course No!!

*This is the most important point. While playing, if you accidentally scratch the device or itself hangs on its own, your parents are going to ground you from all the entertainment. That is a very mean way to be punished, right? Be careful while you use one.

*Gadgets can never become your best friend.  The pal sitting in your classroom or living next to you is the best companion to you at all times. Playing with him/her is happier than playing in mobile. And kids that play with other kids always look cooler.

              Wow! That is so easy to be a cool kid in the neighborhood, classroom and in the family.  I am going to watch you guys because I am in the cool kids club already.

Don’t  you want to join?!!

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